Start-Up Visa

The Start-up Visa is intended for successful business immigrants who are owners or part-owners who have significant experience and an intentional ability to own and operate businesses in Canada that will in turn generate revenues and create employment for Canadian citizens. All immigrants of this class should be aware that your business should be listed as a Start-up Visa Designated Organisations List.

This program provides assistance to foreign entrepreneurs through financial support, guidance and expertise to benefit the Canadian economy.

Are you eligible?

There are certain requirements you must meet:

  • Qualified Business

    You must meet the Business Ownership Requirements to ensure your business becomes integrated into the Canadian economy

  • Letter of Support & Investment

    You must receive a Letter of Support from a Designated Investor Organization

    You are not required to invest any of your own money, however, you must secure an investment of minimum $200,000 CAD from a Designated Venture Capital Fund, or minimum $75,000 from a Designated Angel Investor Group

    See List
  • Language

    You must meet the minimum language requirements of CLB 5 in either English or French

  • Education

    You must have completed minimum one year of post secondary education

  • Finances

    You must have enough funds to support yourself and your family when you immigrate to Canada

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