International Mobility Program

Hiring a Temporary Foreign Worker through the International Mobility Program

The International Mobility Program allows you to hire a temporary foreign worker without needing an LMIA

What's the Process?

  1. Submit an offer of employment through the EMployer Portal
  2. The TFW must apply for a work permit
  3. The employer then must meet certain conditions

    • Ensure the worker has the encessary work authorization
    • Arrange workers' compensation and medical coverage, as required
    • Comply with the conditions outlined in the workers' work permit
    • Comply with federal, provincial and territorial employment laws
    • Provide the worker with the same job that was listed in the job offer
    • Provide the worker with wages and working conditions that are the same or better than listed in the job offer
    • Provide a workplace that is free of abuse
    • Keep documentation related to the worker for a period of 6 years after their work permit is issued
    • Provide requested documents and information, and attend inspections