Temporary Resident Permit

Denied entry to Canada? This is the permit for you!

How does it all work?

Have you been denied entry into Canada? This may be because of medical reasons, a criminal record, a violation of immigration rules and more. Don't worry, your journey does not end here! If you have a justifiable reason that outweighs the health or safety risks you can be issued a Temporary Resident Permit! You must prove that your reason to enter Canada does not pose a safety or security risk, and it is beneficial for the country or the citizens itself. Some examples may be a wedding or a business conference. Your TRP can be valid for up to three years and expires the moment you leave Canada.

A TRP authorizes you to enter Canada if you are inadmissible or you do not meet the requirements if a temporary or permanent resident to enter Canada. Please note: A TRP may be cancelled anytime.

As a TRP holder, you and your family members gain temporary resident status

Are you Eligible?

To be eligible for a TRP, the Immigration or Border Services Officer must determine that your need to enter outweighs the health and safety risks to Canada. You must demonstrate that your visit is justified.

Your Obligations

As a TRP holder you are expected to:

  • Obey Canadian law
  • Take action to resolve your inadmissibility, and
  • Leave when your TRP expires or request another before it expires

Please note: It is illegal to remain in Canada after your TRP expires, to work without a work permit, and study without a study permit.

How to Apply

  • If you're from an eTA-Required Country

    If your application for an eTA was refused, you may receive a TRP depending on the circumstances of your inadmissibility and the reason why you need to travel to Canada.

  • If you're from a Visa-Required Country

    You must apply for a Visitor Visa, providing supporting documents that explain the reason why you are inadmissible, and your justification to enter Canada.

    This may result in an interview with the officer to properly assess your application.