Charitable Work Permit

A charitable work permit allows a foreign worker to work for a charity. They are still required to have a work permit however they do not need an LMIA. A Charitable Work Permit allows the applicant to temporarily work in Canada for a month or up to 3 years, they may also apply for extensions or renewals depending on the job. While they are working in Canada, they must apply for permanent residence if they are eligible.

Are you eligible?

You do not need an LMIA to apply for a Charitable Work Permit, however there are other requirements you must fulfill.

  • The immigration officer must determine if the work is truly charitbale, such as poverty relief work, work that is beneficial to the comunity through education or religion
  • Documentation supporting the legitimacy of the job offer, information about the employer and proof of the employer's ability to work as a charity
  • The candidate must apply for a Work Permit
  • The candidate must be receiving pay to cover their living expenses
  • The candidate must also provide documented evidence that they fit into their job well
  • The organization is not entitled to receive pay for the services of the applicant
  • The candidate must pass certain health and personality requirements

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