Study Permit

Looking to Study in Canada?

How does it all work?

A Study Permit is required for a foreign national to study in Canada. Your study permit does not allow you to enter Canada, you may need a Visitor Visa (or Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)) or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Once your study permit is approved you will also be issued one of these.

You may be able to get your Study Permit faster if you apply online through the Student Direct Stream

Are you Eligible?

There are certain requirements you must meet to be eligible for a Study Permit

  • You must be a fully vaccincated traveller
  • You are enrolled at a Designated Learning Institute (DLI)
  • Proof of funds to pay for tuition, living expenses for you and your family and return expenses for you and your family
  • You do not have a criminal record, get a police certificate and you obey the law
  • You are healthy and get a medical exam
  • Proof that you will leave Canada once your study permit expires

Your Responsibilities While in Canada

There are other responsibilities you have while you are in Canada

  • You must be making progress towards the completion of your study program
  • You must stop studying if you no longer meet the requirements
  • You must respect the conditions laid out in your Study Permit that may include:

    • Whether or not you're allowed to work in Canada
    • Whether or not you're allowed to travel within Canada
    • The specific date you must leave Canada
    • Where you can study in Canada
    • If you need an immigration medical exam

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